Residential Recording and Rehearsals (Click Me)

Residential Recording and Rehearsals 

The Paddocks offers generous rehearsal space in an isolated setting. Hospitality and recreational facilities are always available. (Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, DVD and media, Playstation 4, xbox Xbox One and every other console known to mankind).

We are happy to cater for bands (at an additional cost)

Backline and vocal PA are included as standard. Full PA, including monitor rig is available for residential rehearsal by negotiation.

Room – the 27ft x 14ft acoustically treated space offers the flexibility to comfortably record live ensembles or capture pin-drop accurate performances from the most delicate of soloist.

Residential facilities available. We currently have 3 rooms available (soon to be 5)

We are happy to cook for the bands by negotiation. Ross is a well traveled chef, so expect lots of worldly food, Created to a very high standard.

Discounts available for residential / regular repeat bookings

The Rooms (we can sleep a total of 8 people) 

Bedroom 1 (2 Single Beds)

Bedroom 2 (2 Beds ensuite bathroom, shower,bath and TV)

Bedroom 3 (Double Bed) – Games Room EVERY Game station ever made! – Images pending

Bedroom 4 (bunk beds Marvel style) – Imaged pending

Bedroom 5 (King Size) – Available on request


We love Breakfast



Afternoon Tea


A little Lunch and Dinner


Meatballs – Delicious


The Baby Grand (Click Me)

She looks a little bit beaten up, but she sounds lovely.

Beautiful sounding baby grand with light action. Sounds fantastic in our lovely live room.

Other Pianos include:

Fender Rhodes MK 1 Stage 73

Fender Rhodes MK 1 Suitcase 73

Fender Rhodes MK 2 Suitcase 73

We also have lots keyboards and synthersizers available as well an extensive range of virtual pianos and instruments. Please feel free to contact use to discuss your requirements.

Microphones (Click Me)


    [column span="1"]1 x AKG D12
1 x AKG D112
2 x AKG 451
2 x AKG 414
3 x AKG C3000
1 x Beyer Dynamic M160
1 x EV RE20
1 x Groove Tubes GT33
2 x Neumann U89 
2 x Neumann TLM103
1 x Rode NT1
2 x Rode NT3 
2 x SE4400 (Matched Pair)
3 x Sennheiser 421
4 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure SM7B

A Passion for Analogue (Click Me)



ARP – Odyssey (Mark 2)
Alesis – Andromeda
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Mk 1
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Mk 1
Fender Rhodes Mk 2
Moog – Polymoog
Moog – Prodigy (monophonic synth)
Roland – SH101 (monophonic synth)
Roland – JX3p
Roland – Juno 2 (with PG300 programmer)


Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Studio Electronics – ATC-1
Teisco 60f (monophonic synthesiser)
Waldorf – XTK
Casio CZ1000 Synth
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha DX100

Moog 2



Juno 60