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Use our Minimoog and other analogue monsters!


Pianos/Keyboards/ Synthesisers

Grotrian Steinweg Baby Grand Piano
ARP – Odyssey (Mark 2)
Alesis – Andromeda
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Mk 1
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Mk 1
Moog – Polymoog
Moog – Prodigy (monophonic synth)
Roland – SH101 (monophonic synth)
Roland – JX3p
Roland – Juno 2 (with PG300 programmer)
Roland – Juno 6
Studio Electronics – ATC-1
Teisco 60f (monophonic synthesiser)
Waldorf – XTK
Casio CZ1000 Synth
Yamaha DX7

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