Rock n Roll (Click Me)

In house amplifiers   Ampeg SVT Pro 2 head Ampeg 4×10 cab Orange Tiny Terror Silver Face Fender twin reverb combo ENGL – Thunder 50 MJW – Roadstar 18 Sans Amp Tech 21 RB1 We have access to many amps. Read More …

Residential Recording and Rehearsals (Click Me)

Residential Recording and Rehearsals¬† The Paddocks offers generous rehearsal space in an isolated setting. Hospitality and recreational facilities are always available. (Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, DVD and media, Playstation 4, xbox Xbox One and every other console known to mankind). We Read More …

Microphones (Click Me)


1 x AKG D12
1 x AKG D112
2 x AKG 451
2 x AKG 414
3 x AKG C3000
1 x Beyer Dynamic M160
1 x EV RE20
1 x Groove Tubes GT33
2 x Neumann U89
2 x Neumann TLM103
3 x Sennheiser 421
1 x Rode NT1
2 x Rode NT3
4 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure SM7
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