The Paddocks Studio One couples a luxurious live space with the best in vintage analogue equipment and state of the art high end recording system using the latest Pro-tools software and Lynx interfaces, with our experienced in-house engineers. An extensive range of outboard, mics and software along with the idyllic setting (with residential facilities negotiable) make this the solution to your recording needs.

Control Room – Track and mix on the beautiful sounding Raindirk series III console, Superb Custom built Knight Acoustic Monitors (as used in Warner studios NY) all in the comfort of the huge 16ft x 14ft control room.

Live Room – the 27ft x 14ft acoustically treated space offers the flexibility to comfortably record live ensembles or capture pin-drop accurate performances from the most delicate of soloist.

Drums, drums, drums 

Drums are the foundation of all good recordings, but don’t worry if your drummers kit is rubbish as we have lots of drums available, tuned and ready to go at all times.


Ludwig Downbeat Beatles kit 3 piece  a beautiful kit in grey oyster (Original 1960s)

Gretsch Renown 4 piece. Lovely for rock and anything in-between

Mapex M -series. Big sizes, Big tuning. Great for Rock

We also have an amazing selection of snare drums as shown below. These include:

Ludwig Downbeat Beatles 1964 snare, Ludwig 400, Slingerland Radio King 1940’s 7″ (massive sounding!) Ludwig Acrolite 1970’s



Moog – MiniMoog Model D 1978

ARP – Odyssey MK2

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5